Why Hair fall Problem and how to stop hair fall?

Hair fall problem is actually a sign of declining hair health, irrespective of age and gender, and a major concern now a days for a big chunk of our population. The external factors that are responsible for hair fall problem are, ever increasing stress at work place, hard, salty & heavy water, inferior quality hair care products, chemical overuse on hair for fashion styling, insufficient nutrition in diet and sedentary lifestyle.

Any hair fall control treatment will be effective only if it’s providing the special nurturing and care to the delicate hair fibres and cuticles. We can stop hair fall by nourishing our hair with Proteins, Vitamins and protect them from harmless chemicals like harsh cleansing shampoos and fashion colours.

The natural and best way to stop hair fall is by massaging the scalp with pure Ayurvedic hair oil infused with special herbs. It is proven to be the Best hair fall remedy and is an amazing and effective age old practice. The massage increases the blood circulation and provides incredibly good nourishment to Scalp.

The requirement of Hair Fall Treatment for Men and Women is increasing now a days due to overuse of chemical hair dyes, sprays, wax, mousse etc. Other harmful fashion treatments like Straightening, Rebonding, Smoothening, bleaching, coloring etc. are also the reason for hair fall.

These chemicals usually makes the scalp dry and this dryness of Scalp and the need to search for best hair fall treatment in Delhi arises. Sometimes nutritional deficiency like Vitamins B and Proteins, if not taken in sufficient quantity also induces problems related to hair fall. Poor hygiene habits like not cleaning the scalp regularly, excessive drinking or smoking, sedentary life style are equally responsible for abnormal hair fall.

Using bad shampoo and conditioner due to lack of awareness about harmful ingredients in it also triggers uncontrollable hair fall issue and people are frantically searching for natural and best hair fall control treatments.

Best Way To Stop Hair Fall

Yes, the hair fall can be stopped and further within 4 weeks if there is no severe medical health condition involved.

stop hair fall

Usually bad scalp condition like irritation, dryness, infections or dandruff are the root cause of hair fall related problems. Bad scalp conditions leads to inactive hair follicles, which lie deep within the layers of our scalp and becomes dormant due to unnatural conditions. Regena Roots Best anti hair fall Treatment in Delhi, which promotes Natural Regrowth has proved its unwavering mettle by its unbelievably high success rate. The exclusive product formulation of Regena Roots, in its daily regime of anti-hair fall shampoo, anti-hair fall lotion, anti-hair fall serum and anti-hair fall Ayurvedic oil, makes it very easy to completely stop hair fall in just 4 weeks and it stimulates the growth of new roots as well.

Regena Roots has derived a simple, easy to do, no frills regime to prevent and stop hair fall in very few steps:
The first step would be to restore the natural moisture back into the hair which can be easily done by applying hair oil in the scalp at least thrice a week, duly massaging with finger tips for 10 minutes and leaving it overnight. The hair oil needs to be pure Ayurvedic oil like Divyaranjan Hair Oil, having curated herbs extracts, coconut derivatives and natural vitamins.

Step two is using a good quality chemical free (Sulphates free, Parabens free & Silicone free) Shampoo and third step is to apply mask to add shine and enhance moisture into the hair.

The most important step is the customized weekly treatment sitting, majorly depending on age of person and condition of scalp and hair, is the booster serum (again external application only), application of which is assisted by our technician.

Regena Roots is having a guaranteed treatment for all kind of hair fall which can be permanently cured usually within 4–6 weeks. The natural hair fall treatment supported by natural healthy diet, covering deficiency of Vitamins, Protein , Amino acids and Natural herbs cures the hair fall problem very effectively.

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