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hair fall shampoo

Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Rs 1899/-

Regena Roots Proreginol™ Hair Fall Control Shampoo is a Specific Treatment shampoo against Hair Fall. It moisturizes and strengthens the hair while providing shine, softness & volume, eliminating static electricity. Its formula favours the oxygenation of the hair and regenerates the scalp, helping to reduce hair fall. It incorporates biologically active materials that act against hair fall.

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hair loss shampoo

Hair Loss Prevention Shampoo

Rs 1899/-

Regena Roots Proreginol™ Hair Loss Shampoo is a Specific Treatment shampoo against Hair Loss. It hydrates and strengthens the hair follicles & roots while providing shine, softness & volume, eliminating static electricity. Its formula favours the oxygenation of the hair and regenerates the scalp, helping to reduce hair loss. It incorporates biologically active materials that act against hair loss.

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hair shampoo

Greying Prevention Shampoo

Rs 1899/-

Regena Roots Proreginol™ Greying Prevention Shampoo is a Specific Treatment Shampoo for preventing the Premature Greying of Hair. It soothes the scalp and nourishes the hair. Contains Keratin & Silk proteins that strengthen, repair, moisturize and restructure the hair, giving them a brilliant shine.

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hair care shampoo

Nourshing Shampoo

Rs 1599/-

Proreginol™ Nourishing Shampoo by Regena Roots that deeply nourishes and hydrates the hair cuticles. Its active ingredients include Natural Proteins and Vitamins that hydrate and rebuild the hair fiber to strengthen, moisturize, restructure and give a brilliant & healthy shine to your hair. Does not contain Sulfates and Parabens.

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hair care shampoo

Purity Shampoo

Rs 2199/-

The Proreginol™ Purity Shampoo by Regena Roots (150 ml) is a refreshing treatment shampoo with menthol. The Purity Shampoo has a triple action: prevents the formation of dandruff and grease, moisturizes & refreshes the scalp, and has a conditioning effect. Its formula is hydrating, and reduces scalp itching. It also incorporates plant extracts which guarantee excellent results, nourishment and shine.

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hair oil

Purity Oil

Rs 2499/-

The Divyaranjan™ Purity Oil by Regena Roots is a Pure Ayurvedic oil that has been formulated with a special blend of curated herbs to reduce dandruff and purify the scalp. It also acts as a natural conditioner for the hair.

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hair growth oil

Hair Growth Oil

Rs 2499/-

The Divyaranjan™ Hair Growth Oil by Regena Roots is a Pure Ayurvedic oil that has been formulated with a special blend of curated herbs to promote hair growth. It is an incredible rejuvenating oil that assist in the natural growth of hair roots and strengthen the follicles from within. It is infused with the richness of Natural herbs and Organic ingredients that have proven hair growth properties as per Ayurveda as well as Hair Science.

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hair fall oil

Hair Fall Control Oil

Rs 2499/-

The Divyaranjan™ Pure Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Fall Control is a high-selling and effective hair oil for controlling excessive hair fall, and preventing hair breakage. Infused with the richness of curated natural herbs and organic ingredients, this 100% pure oil has been specially formulated to prevent hair fall and hair breakage. It nourishes the scalp, gives strength to the follicles and acts as a natural conditioner for the hair.

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hair care oil

Nourishing Hair Oil

Rs 2199/-

The Divyaranjan™ Nourishing Hair Oil by Regena Roots is a Pure Ayurvedic oil that has been formulated with a special blend of curated herbs to nourish the hair. It has healing and therapeutic properties that reverse the hair damage caused by chemicals. It is infused with the richness of Natural herbs and Organic ingredients. Use the oil at least 3 times a week for the most effective hair care and nourishment.

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white hair shampoo

Greying Prevention Hair Oil

Rs 3000/-

The Divyaranjan™ Grey Hair Prevention Oil by Regena Roots is a 100% Pure Ayurvedic oil, formulated with a special blend of curated herbs, which prevents the early greying of hair and makes the hair darker and richer. The oil enriches the scalp, provides nutrients to the hair roots, and prevents new white & grey hair from growing.

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hair fall control kit

Hair Fall Prevention Kit

Rs 3990/-

This best hair fall treatment is natural as the procedure done is totally Non-Invasive (No Injectable), No medicine or steroids, and therefore no side effects.

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Get Your Hands On India’s Best Hair Care Products Today!

Having long, silky, shiny smooth hair with lots of volume is a dream for most of us. Using the right hair care products is your answer to turning the dream of healthy hair into reality. With the nourishing elements of Ayurveda and organic products, Regena Roots offers you the best and most effective hair care products in all India.

Troubling issues like dandruff, unhealthy lifestyle or even hereditary problems can cause hair loss in any of us. Backed up by science, original ingredients and research worth over 10 years, Regena Roots is the ultimate answer to all of your hair loss concerns. Our carefully curated formulas are available in wide varieties like hair loss oils, hair loss shampoos that repairs your hair damages and promotes beneficial hair growth.

Specially formed to bring out the best results, our natural formulas help you vitalise your scalp and hair strands for an ultra-fine hair health. Although, even with the best hair products in your hands, hair care is a combination of using natural and toxic free hair products and carefully following the dos and don'ts of hair. Some Dos and Don’ts you can follow for the best and visible results are as follows:

Hair Care Do’s: Tips to Protect And Repair Your Hair

  • Keep your hair clean and healthy
  • Keeping your hair clean is a necessary step to obtain natural and healthy hair. Expert-provenExpert-proven science implies that your scalp can store dirts and impurities including polluted carbon particles. These bits can be damaging and unhealthy for your hair growth and eventually cause fallout. To keep out impurities from your scalp, it is important to keep a regular washing schedule. Deciding how often you are supposed to wash your hair is personal and depends on your hair type, daily life-style and other common factors. Our expert recommendation would be to wash your hair at least once a week.

    Pro tip: Utilising a good hair serum can help you lock in the moisture after your hair is clean.

  • Keep yourself hydrated:
  • Hydration is always the key to health! No matter what form of self care it is, drinking an adequate amount of water is a major and beneficial factor. Water keeps your hair follicles hydrated and increases the nourishment process. You can also invest in different and efficient hair hydrating products to ensure that your scalp is not dry. Being dehydrated can cause extremely dry and flaky scalp. This condition is commonly known as dandruff and causes hair fall issues.

  • Allow your hair to dry at room temperature:
  • Heat tools can come off to be quick and easy to use. However, something to keep in mind when taking care of your hair is that extreme heat conditions can be damaging to hair follicles. Using heat tools like blow dryers can be painless and easy but in the long run, you may start to notice rapid and extreme hair loss problems. You can however try to use heat tools less and allow your hair to dry at natural mediums like a towel followed by gentle massage. Proceed to complete this step by applying Regena Root’s Hair Growth Oil to assist natural and faster hair growth.

  • Use shampoos and conditioners that promote hair growth
  • Using the right form of shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products is the basic step towards maintaining a successful hair care routine. However, be extremely careful at choosing the right products as most shampoos available on the market contain chemical substances like toxins, parabens and sulfates that do more harm to your hair. Try choosing a more natural product that does not do any extra harm to your hair. Our hair loss prevention shampoo is an effective and natural choice of product that helps you control your hair fall issues. The natural ingredients ensure regeneration of your scalp while also providing extra strength to hair strands.

  • Use hair nourishment oils to massage your scalp:
  • Massaging your hair scalp helps boost blood circulation while nourishing your hair and relaxing the muscles around. Adding a hair oil that nourishes your hair can be pretty useful too. Our nourishing hair oil is completely ayurvedic and is formed to provide your hair the extra nourishment it deserves! It also helps reverse any sort of hair damages caused by chemicals. Infused with rich herbal ingredients, the Divyaranjan Nourishing Hair Oil is your ultimate solution for shiny and natural hair.

  • Regular Hair Trimming:
  • Split-ends are common in everyone. However, it also happens to be a major concern for poor hair growth. Split ends stop hair from growing at a normal pace and damages the ends of hair strands. Trimming your hair often helps remove the split ends and prevents your hair from growing at a slow pace.

  • Using combs with wide teeth:
  • Hair can turn out to be delicate, especially when it is wet. We advise not to brush your hair when it is wet and prefer using combs with wide teeth to untangle the frizz.

    While following all these steps are extremely important for healthy hair growth, using the right hair care products is a much-needed factor to ensure the process happens fast and properly. You can check out our wide range of natural hair care products available online to make sure that you never face a bad hair day!

Natural and Effective Ingredients Used in Our Hair Care Range

Our natural range of products solely focuses on providing you products that ensure frizz-free, effortless, and natural hair without using any chemical products like parabens and sulfates.

Regena Roots use ingredients that are carefully picked to tame all your hair loss issues and also promote healthy and natural hair growth. No matter what hair concerns you are facing, it is time for you to give our range of natural hair care products to remove your hair concerns forever get the healthy hair of your dreams!

Our range of hair fall oils and hair regrowth oils is handcrafted in India using natural and herbal ingredients ranging from aloe vera, neem, and other herbs.

Our range of hair loss prevention and hair regrowth shampoos are imported directly from Europe and is the best product in the hair care industry, curated carefully using natural products and science so you can make the right decision of enjoying an ammonia-free, sulfate-free haircare range that does not contain any toxic chemical ingredients.

It Is Time To Try Out Our Online Hair Care Bestsellers!

Every product offered to you by us is carefully formed to give you the best and most effective results. Our line of products mainly focuses on issues ranging from hair loss, premature grey hair, and hair growth problems. A few of our customer favorites are hair oil for growth, hair fall oil, hair loss shampoos, anti-greying shampoos. Regena roots and our product range are heavily nature-inspired. Our formulas will leave you satisfied and wanting more.

  • The Divyaranjan Hair Growth Oil: Packed with a special blend of curated herbs, our hair oil for growth promotes the process effortlessly and assists in strengthening the hair follicles. Infused with the richness of natural and organic ingredients, The Divyranjan Hair Growth Oil by Regena Roots is your go-to solution for hair growth.
  • The Divyaranjan Pure Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Fall Control: Our hair oil helps you control excessive hair fall issues and prevents hair breakage. Formulated with natural ingredients, this hair fall oil is 100% pure. Regena Roots’ hair fall oil has proven to be the best oil treatment for hair fall by being one of our best sellers.
  • Regena Roots Proreginol Hair Fall Control Shampoo: Our hair loss shampoo helps moisturize your hair and strengthens hair follicles and keeps it shiny and soft. It is the best shampoo for hair loss as its formula favors the oxygenation of the hair and regenerates the scalp to reduce hair fall.

Shop Our Range of Best Hair Care Products in India!

Here at Regena Roots, we have a solution ready for all your hair loss problems. From hair thinning to premature greying of hair, we have a product that fits you. By using our hair fall shampoo and hair growth oil products, your dream for shiny and smooth hair is a dream about to be true. We welcome you to explore and try out India’s best hair care products at Regena Roots formulated with love and science to the finest results.


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Products like shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, and oils are necessary to maintain a hair care routine. You can also use serums, gels, and other products to ensure your hair gets that extra glow it deserves. If you have done any hair treatment or use heat tools daily, make sure to use products that protect your hair from the damage it may cause. The products you may use depend on the hair type and condition it is in, so make sure to also find out what works for you the best.
A healthy hair routine is personal and depends on the type of hair you have. However, some basic tips that are necessary for every haircare routine involve washing your finding the right type of hair products and also minimizing the use of hair tools, and protecting your hair from any extra heat. Also, make sure to eat healthily and avoid using chlorine water to wash your hair as chemicals like chlorine can cause extra damage to hair follicles.
You can thicken your hair naturally using herbal products and other home remedies. Some natural ingredients to help grow thicker hair are eggs, olive oil, orange puree, aloe gel, avocado, castor oil, etc. These products bring visible changes to your hair causing it to grow stronger and thicker. You can also try investing in products like hair thickening shampoo and conditioner which are wildly available in the market to buy. Try having food containing biotin or taking biotin gummies to also thicken your hair.
Oiling your hair can bring a lot of benefits in gaining long and shiny hair. Different types of oils contain different vitamins that are needed for hair growth. Some commonly used effective hair oils include coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, argan oil, bhringraj oil, amla oil, and many more. The type of hair oil you should choose depends on your hair type and any issue that you are trying to treat. But you can try using coconut oil mostly as it is one of the most effective types of oil used by people.
Washing your hair is important to keep cleanliness and is also necessary to maintain a healthy hair routine. There is no certain rule as to when you should wash your hair. But for an average person, it is advised to wash your hair every 2 to 3 days. Depending upon your hair type, you can switch up your hair wash days the way that works for you. However, also keep in mind that washing your hair every day can strip off the natural oils present in the follicles leaving your hair dry.
Yes, coconut oil is one of the most commonly used oils in the world of hair care. It has hydrating properties to keep your hair moisturized. It is also used as a barrier for the scalp to protect it from any unwanted bacteria and irritants from causing more damage. Although coconut oil is not the richest oil in nutrients, its moisturizing property makes it suitable for all hair types and gives healthy and shiny-looking hair throughout every use.
Home remedies are one of the best ways you can take care of hair. It is natural and has properties that do not do any harm to your hair. Some hair care tips you can try at home starting today are, applying to warn oil on your hair and scalp, using rice water shampoo to wash and clean your hair, applying egg masks, applying onion juice, following a healthy and balanced diet. Another great way to care for your hair at home is to drink water often and keep yourself hydrated. Hydration is extremely important to maintain good hair health.
You can try out these few methods to take care of your hair daily. To begin with, you can implement small steps like washing your hair regularly to form a healthy hair routine. Other methods are to use heating tools less frequently. Heat is extremely dangerous to hair and can cause serious damage. It is also advised to trim your hair once in a while to remove the split ends from stopping your hair growth. Also, make sure to use shampoo and conditioner frequently on your hair to maintain it.

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