Hair Chemical Damage Treatment

For very damaged, ruined & fragile, brittle hair due to chemical & colour over usage with bleaching of hair. The damage is done by overuse of straigtening irons as well. Many chemical processes like rebonding, straightening, keratin etc. Have harmful chemicals, which can result in hair texture damage in long run.

We, at regena roots, provide a professional intensive reconstruction treatment.

The treatment line consists of hyaluronic acid with molecular weights, which penetrates and restructures at the internal hair fiber level. Enveloping of the hair is done through proteins and therefore creating protective barrier. Hair strengthening is done to prevent breakage of the hair cuticle.

The treatment line has essential amino acids like arginine, creatine and betaine to make the hair hydrated and supple.

Macadamia oil/argan oil, which nourishes in depth and eliminates fizz.

Specific liposomal keratine is there which repairs the fibers of the hair.

The treatment line incorporates hvp technology that guarantees instant, reliable and effective results.

The natural plant extracts deeply nourish the hair fiber, add shine & brilliance to the hair.

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