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If you're looking for hair fall solution in delhi as you've grown tired or frustrated with seeing way too many hair strands in your brush or the shower, it’s time to take a moment and learn a bit more about the nature of your hair, along with the necessary solutions for hair fall. Sometimes, it is not simply a change in shampoo that can fix these problems, you might even consider turning it around with an effective hair fall treatment. And even though there is already a plethora of treatments out there, it is essential to weigh out your options according to what your hair needs. For finding out just what special blend your hair is craving, read on or visit us at Regena Roots for an expert consultation.

Is Your Hair Fall Problem Becoming Acute?

While it is a known fact that hair shedding is part and parcel of life, and losing 50-100 strands are normal in one day, hair fall in large amounts is an alarming sign of your hair’s declining health. Of course, we see some hair in our brushes or when we run our hands through our hair. Even the most luscious of manes experience hair fall problems. After all, it is one of the most common hair concerns that we face.

And for that, we have external stressors to thank, such as ever-increasing pollution and hard water for being incredibly harsh on our delicate hair cuticles. There are also other factors which shall be discussed in further sections. All factors aside though, it is not until our hair fall exceeds 100 strands daily, or when we start noticing some bald patches, that we know it has started to become an acute problem. But at Regena Roots, our confidence in our product line leads us to tell you, the client, that there is no case for us which is far too beyond help. With us, your hair will get that exact enriching blend that it needs to truly thrive like never before.

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Factors of Hair Fall Problems

More often than not, hair fall happens subtly and can be very surprising. It is a fact of course that 25% of men experience hair fall that can turn into hair loss before they turn 21, and 13% of women end up experiencing baldness before menopause. And most of the time, it can be genetic. However, it is important to observe these changes right when they start and take adequate action to mitigate the issue. After all, our hair is the ultimate expression of our identity to the world, whichever way we choose to style or wear it. But at the same time, we have to be responsible for our style choices and daily habits. This is because several of these can cause hair fall problems lying dormant deep within our scalps

Following are a few factors of hair fall that affect both men and women:-

  • Genetics, predisposing one to hair thinning, baldness, falling
  • Hormonal Therapies and Medications
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Crash Dieting
  • Poor Scalp Hygiene
  • Excessive Heat During Hair Styling
  • Harsh Chemical Treatments

Most importantly, stress and anxiety-caused hair fall problems are the most common factors. Both stress and anxiety cause micro-irritations on the surface of your scalp that can result in serious consequences for your hair such as thinning and eventual falling out. In this case, it can cause a chain reaction which can get worse if the scalp does not receive adequate nourishment.

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Hair Fall Prevention Kit

The formulation consists of precious vitalizing vegetable & plant actives & vitamins ( A, B H), it strengthens the hair and slows down its fall. The bulb receives an intense protein intake which makes it stronger and more resistant. The skin, gently cleansed, promotes oxygenation and regrowth.

Treatment Period: 4-8 Weeks depending upon the quantum of hair fall.

Kit Contains:

1.Anti Hair fall Shampoo - 200 ML

2. Anti Hair Fall Oil - 200 ML

3. Anti Hair Fall Lotion - 150 ML

Kit Cost - 5999/-

* The cost includes courier Charges in India.
* The kit is sufficient for complete treatment period.
* No Side effects

Hair Fall Control Treatment For Men And Women

The above-mentioned factors immediately bring about the need for an effective hair fall control treatment for men and women so that the process can be stalled and reversed. Despite all these factors, we at Regena Roots believe that hair fall control is very much a manageable endeavor.

When you start experiencing excessive hair fall problems, you may feel prompted to search for an immediate cure. You might consider DIY hair fall remedies that tend to have very little to no guarantee or any sort of backing. And as a next step, you might even look at some chemical or invasive treatments that you yourself feel unsure of. It is very common and normal to feel uncertain about these chemical treatments and medicated remedies that you can try at home. Of course, who wouldn’t prefer natural treatments, and, at the same time get to tend to their hair’s health from the comfort of their home? Still, this uncertainty means that although you are ready for a change, you may be experiencing difficulty in placing your faith in artificial products or surgical methods.

This is where the Regena Roots hair fall solution has proved its unwavering mettle. Our personalized treatment procedures come in with sweeping results using natural products like our Ayurvedic essential oils, Anti-Hairfall Shampoos, Lotions and Serums flown in from Spain and Italy.

The exclusive European product line that we offer has specialized product ranges for every kind of hair issue and is an expert in finding effective solutions for hair fall. And the very best part? More than half of it takes place in your home thanks to our special at-home care kit, designed for your ease and for your hair’s happy journey. Finally, here is the best hair fall treatment at home meant for your hair and scalp’s special needs with virtually no side-effects.

The Regena Roots Hair Fall Treatment in Delhi

Our hair fall treatment has an in-depth understanding of the three phases of hair growth:-

Anagen the active phase of growth in which the follicle is attached to the dermal papilla and the hair grows upwards and, eventually, outwards. This lasts anywhere between two to six years.

Catagen the transitional phase in which the hair bulb detaches from the blood supply (dermal papilla) and moves away from the base.

Telogen occurs once the hair strand is fully detached from the follicle. This is when hair actively sheds so that it can be replaced with new hairs in anagen.

Along with the three phases, our treatment also understands the not too many different needs of the scalps of men and women. Due to the Regena Roots extensive hair study, our advanced and adaptive hair fall treatment is for both men and women. Here is how you can experience our leading European hair fall control solution:

Visit Regena Roots For An Expert Consultation

Call us, and book yourself a no strings attached consultation for your hair fall problem. At our centre in Delhi, we will diagnose the extent of the issue and propose the required further steps.

Receive A Customised Hair Fall Remedy

Once we have customized your treatment according to your hair needs, we will provide you with our leading European products, acting specifically as the perfect hair fall remedy for you. This will include technician-assisted soothing deep Serum conditioning and a fully prepared home care kit, complete with Anti-Hairfall Shampoo and Lotion.

Meaningfully Track Your Progress

Our in-house technologically-equipped digital magnifier is the perfect progress tracking device to complement all of our hair treatments. With the tablet in your hand, you can get an up-close look into your hair’s journey.

This will be part of your commitment to boosting your hair density, which is in addition to our technician-led centre treatment.

Notice Results in 4 Weeks

Our unfaltering belief in our product line continues as we guarantee positive results within 4 weeks. Eventually you will watch your scalp blossom into how you’ve always wanted it to. That is the Regena Roots promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The Regena Roots hair fall treatment is the fastest and most reliable way to stop hair fall immediately. Our product line has shown incredible results in stopping excessive hair fall and boosting your hair’s growth as well as its good health.
Ans. One important way is to regularly maintain and groom your hair and to not take too much stress. You should also oil your hair weekly so that your hair does not start falling in the near future. We suggest our in-house Ayurvedic oil blend that protects your hair’s health.
Ans. The Regena Roots hair fall control product line from Europe is fully equipped with the best solution to your hair issues. It comes stocked with a special anti-hair fall shampoo and lotion that target the issue at its root and make your hair stronger.
Ans. Since we use natural techniques and top of the line products from Spain and Italy, our hair fall solution is the safest non-medicated and non-surgical treatment in the market. The results that show in a few weeks only increase. And let us assure you, these results are here to stay..
Ans. The one way to stop hair fall and, at the same time, regrow your hair naturally is with us at Regena Roots. We believe in bringing back your hair by non-invasive means, the natural way. Our products and technicians have developed the required expertise to effectively stop your hair fall and make your tresses healthier .

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