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For the last 10 years I could notice a change in the texture of my hair. They were thinning and my scalp was visible on the top of my head. I visited Regena Roots on recommendation of a friend. After my treatment I noticed considerable change in my hair growth. It’s been eight months now and hair growth is consistent, and my head is covered with new hair.

Pankaj (Corporate Professional – South Delhi), Age 40

Throughout my youth I was under impression that the thinning of my hair is due to genetic reasons and there’s no cure for it. Loss of hair resulted in low confidence and as a result I did not want to socialise. I took professional advice from Team Regena Roots and was convinced to start treatment. Within a span of three weeks I could see visible difference in my hair roots. Thank you Regena Roots for helping me.

Abhishek (Rohtak), Age 28

I am a working professional and was experiencing thinning of hair, which I always thought was stress induced. I was contemplating between hair weaving and PRP treatments, but was apprehensive about the side effects of these procedures. After some research I came to know about a complete non-invasive treatment offered by Regena Roots. Even though I was sceptical I decided to try out the treatment. I was told that the duration of the treatment will be six weeks. There was considerable improvement in my hair growth and coverage. I’m delighted with the results.

Mr.Puneet(Gurgaon), Age 39

I have been suffering from typical male baldness for more than 20 years, which has been deteriorating at a regular pace. As a result I hardly had any hair on the top of my scalp. I was resigned to the fact that there is no cure for it and that’s when a very close friend in India told me about the treatment offered by Regena Roots. I had nothing to lose and started treatment. Within few weeks I could feel small hair growth on my scalp, which improved every passing day. I can happily recommend Regena Roots.

Rajesh Gupta (Dubai), Age 47

I always attributed my hair loss to my age as I steadily started losing them when I was about to enter my 50s. Then I came to know about a non-invasive treatment offered by Regena Roots. I was advised 8 week treatment with homecare regime. Within a span of 4 weeks I noticed a change on my scalp. My family also commented the same. I am very happy with the progress. My hair are growing steadily and the strength is also good.,

Mr.Kishore (Faridabad), Age 55

After several bad experiences I was reluctant to get any Hair treatment done. I decided to giveRegena Roots a try after a family friend recommended it to me. In second week my hair stopped falling and in 4th week onwards I could see new hair growth in my completely bald area. Overall hair quality has improved in just 2 months time. I will definitely recommend rather shout out Regena Roots for their natural and premium quality chemical free products.

Akash Kumar, 40 years, West Delhi

I used to be really scared of combing my hair because all I could see was broken hair stuck in the brush. I am happy to see at least 95% less hair in my brush after just two weeks of treatment at Regena Roots and to my utter happiness, new roots are showing

Sachin Goyal, 37 Years, Greater Faridabad

Since I did not want to try any invasive or chemical remedy for my balding patches like the ones in the market, the Regena Roots treatment was perfect for me. After a one month only I started seeing thicker hair and new baby hairs on my scalp. I’m really excited to continue my treatment here.

Amit Rana, 44 years, Noida

One of the best advantages of Hair Regrowth Treatment offered by Regena Roots is that it doesn’t require any drugs or needles and is completely painless. Combined with a little dietary changes this treatment has given me miraculous results in just a matter of a few weeks. I can confidently say that anyone can go for this treatment safely and it is 100% hassle free.

Gaurav Mittal, 34 years, Noida

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