Reversal of premature greying

Can You Reverse Premature Greying of Hair?

Here is Everything You Need to Know!

Are you in your early 20s searching for an answer to reverse premature greying of hair? Are you worried about it being permanent or about any health concerns it might cause in long run? You have reached the right place for all the answers you need to know about premature grey hair and its reversal! Keep scrolling to find out what you should do to get rid of all the greys in your hair.

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What is Premature Greying of Hair?

No matter how aged we are, greys are always a determining factor of youth. So, finding those visible greys at a young age might leave you worried about your self-esteem and general health.

Premature greying of hair is defined as greying of hair in young individuals at a young age. While grey hair is a natural process that happens to every human being, premature grey hair can be related to vitamin deficiencies or other reasons including hereditary problems. It not only causes health concerns but also general appeal issues as grey hair is not considered to be quite fashionable and youthful.

What Causes Premature Grey Hair?

It is quite reasonable to wonder why your hair is aging fast unlike other body parts. If you face premature greying of hair and are on the quest to find out why here is your answer!

Melanin is a determinant of hair color. The higher the melanin production, the darker your hair color can get. As you age, the natural melanin production in your body can decrease, causing your hair to get grey.

However, premature grey hair causes can range from hereditary to environmental factors. While these reasons might differ in people, you can find out more about the problems you are facing through a proper understanding of premature grey hair and the reasons for it.

  • Hereditary - Hereditary causes are common when it comes to greying hair. You can get premature white hair through genes from your ancestors and this might get carried down the lane further. The hereditary form of premature grey hair can happen in men, women, young boys, and girls. Those with this cause might be born with the genes causing grey hair at an early age but it might only show up during their early 20s or 30s.
  • Stress – Stress might seem like an unusual reason for premature grey hair. While it is most commonly associated with massive hair fall problems, excessive stress can also cause you to get grey or white hair at a young age. Stress can affect anyone despite age, so even if you are young, it is important to make sure to take good care of your well-being.
  • Low or No Melanin Production – Melanin is the common factor that gives hair follicles their color. The natural process of aging can cause low production of melanin leading to grey hair however, low or no production of melanin in young people is not considered normal and can be a reason for premature grey hairs.
  • Lack of Nutrition and Vitamin Deficiency – Vitamins and other nutrition provide health to hair follicles. Vitamins like B12 help promote blood flow and preserve your hair color from greying soon. So, make sure to eat healthily and have a balanced diet to avoid premature grey hair.
  • Medical Conditions – Medical conditions are always to be looked upon when faced with hair problems including greying of hair. Autoimmune diseases can cause body immunity to fight hair follicles and cause hair fall and other issues like premature whitening of hair.

Can You Get Premature White Hair Reversed?

If you are looking to know whether you can have premature white hair reversed, the answer is yes! Well, mostly. While premature grey hair is not considered normal, it is not something you cannot treat. However, if premature white hair is caused by reasons like hereditary problems in you, truth be told you cannot have it completely reversed.

But for every grey hair solution, you need to understand its root causes. Premature greying can happen due to various reasons and all of it needs different solutions to get treated. Keep reading to find out different ways you can reverse grey hair back to black despite what your cause is!

Natural Ways – Can You Reverse Premature Grey Hair Naturally?

Natural remedies are always our solution to any problems. However, when it comes to reversing premature grey hair, can you adopt any natural methods? And if so, what are they?

Yes, you can treat premature grey hair using natural remedies, they are harmless and provide extra nourishment while reversing the grey hairs. With the right combination of natural products, you can have your own premature grey hair solution right at home!

  • Henna and Egg Hair Pack: Henna is a common and widely known remedy to provide hair pigmentation. Henna has natural coloring properties that help replace grey hair with color. The egg is a natural conditioner that nourishes and strengthens your hair. Egg mixed with henna is the ultimate combination of gaining hair color while replenishing your hair with nutrients.
  • Mustard Oil: Mustard oil is well known for its richness in antioxidants, selenium, and healthy fat that stops signs of premature grey hairs. If you are looking for a way to prevent your hair from getting grey at an early age, mustard oil is your best suit.
  • Amla Paste: Amla or Indian gooseberry is yet another famous natural remedy containing natural astringent that helps in retaining hair color. You can apply amla paste to your hair roots and leave it on for desired time to help retain the hair color back.
  • Shikakai: Shikakai is a home remedy that contains antioxidants that specifically stop premature hair greying. It also has vitamins that help in revitalizing your hair. You can soak Shikakai in water in an iron vessel overnight and wash your hair in the morning using the same water after boiling it to a mild temperature.
  • Vitamins and Their Grey Hair Reversal Rescue Properties

    Vitamins are necessary for health, and that includes even your hair. It is known that vitamin deficiency can cause premature whitening of hair in people. So, if you are facing premature greying of hair due to vitamin deficiencies, taking the right vitamins can come to your rescue!

    Vitamins also provide health to your hair and keep it young and nourished while treating the greys. They help in hair growth and increase the melanin production in your body which helps in regaining hair color back.

    Vitamins for Premature Hair Greying

    Vitamins play an important role in preserving natural hair color and also help in treating premature hair whitening. If you are looking for the right multivitamins that will help you restore your hair color, here is a list.

    Vitamin B12: Vitamin B12 is an essential factor that keeps your hair looking young. The deficiency of Vitamin B12 is a major reason for premature grey hair in many young people.

    Vitamin C: This is yet another vitamin that helps preserve hair color due to its high antioxidant properties. Vitamin C also promotes hair growth and gradually reduces hair loss.

    Vitamin B6: Vitamin B6 is a hair color restoration vitamin like Vitamin B12. Taking Vitamin B6 increases the melanin production in the body and hair, which helps in regaining your natural hair color back.

    How Does Vitamin B12 Help With Premature Greying of Hair?

    Vitamin B12 is the most common in the multivitamin group which helps in regaining natural hair color back. Vitamin B12 deficiencies can happen alongside a lack of folic acid and biotin deficiencies in people with grey hair.

    Foods such as meat, eggs, milk, and fish are rich in Vitamin B12 properties. Therefore, people facing premature whitening of hair are advised to eat meals containing these foods to regain their natural hair color. To treat grey hair in adults, it is advised to take vitamin B12 worth 2.4 mcg to regain the natural color.

    Vitamin B12 not only has hair color restoration properties, but it also helps prevent your hair from greying early. So, if you are looking to prevent your hair from grey hairs, taking Vitamin B12 supplements is a necessary measure.

    How Vitamin B12 Helped People Reverse Grey Hair

    Still unsure about how Vitamin B12 helps? There are helpful resources online from people who have experienced major premature grey hair problems and were able to reverse them with the help of B12.

    B12 supplements take about a few weeks to work. People who have been faced with the challenge of grey hair at a young age noticed major changes in getting their old hair color back after taking a balanced diet focused on vitamins including B12. Taking the B12 supplements along with other multivitamins helps the best in major and faster outcomes.

    Does Biotin Help in Grey Hair Reversing?

    Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that falls under the category of the vitamin B group. It is also known as Vitamin H. Studies have shown that lack of biotin along with folic acid can cause premature grey hair. Combining biotin with inositol and vitamin b-5 fastens up the process of reversing natural hair color.

    Some foods containing biotin include liver, egg yolks, cheese, sweet potato, yeast, etc.

    Consuming foods containing Biotin, Vitamin B12 along with other multivitamins and nutrients is a perfectly balanced diet for people with premature grey hair.

    Stories on Successful Grey Hair Reversal

    There is no better proof on whether premature grey hair can be reversed than real-life experiences. Many people have shared their personal experiences on how they successfully reversed grey hair back to black. Some tips put forward by people with a positive result are:

    • Eating raw curry leaves and applying them to your hair.
    • Listening to music or doing stress relief activities.
    • Increased B12 and Vitamin C take
    • Using mustard oil and amla

    Taking the given steps daily has allowed many people to have a noticeable change in grey hair over a few weeks.

    “I had grey hairs sprouting on my crown in my 20s. I found that taking potent B-complex vitamins stopped the grey in most hairs. I mean, I could pull out a couple after a few weeks and you’d see that the half-inch by the root was pigmented again.” These words show that some people preferably found successful grey hair reversal through taking B-complex vitamins on a regular basis./i>

    Here is another example of how premature grey hair can be affected through factors like stress and can be reversed by simply monitoring the stress level.

    “Well, I have had hairs come in grey, and then later on the roots come in my normal color. So, my answer is yes! I don't know if I do anything special, besides monitor my stress level and make sure I am doing what I love. I keep things simple.”


    Premature greying of hair can be treated through different methods. Observing and understanding your reason for premature whitening of hair can be the key to a successful grey hair reversal journey. Regaining your natural hair color can be done easily by taking the right steps and balancing your healthy life. It is important to find the solution that works best for you so all these tips are specially selected for the best and maximum outcome for you to have a successful grey hair reversal experience!