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At Regena Roots, our experts conduct an accurate diagnosis of your hair, scalp and skin problems such as hair loss, premature greying, dandruff, oily scalp, alopecia, signs of aging, acne or dry skin.

On top of conducting a physical examination of your hair and skin, our specialists ask you pertinent information such as your full medical history, your diet and lifestyle, and your hair care & skin care routine. In some cases, our experts might advise you to get some specific blood tests in order to check for any underlying medical conditions and deficiencies.

We never use or endorse any medicines, surgeries or invasive procedures for restoring your hair or skin. Our goal is to help you get back your flawless hair & skin in a natural and holistic way, painlessly.


Imagining a World Without Hair & Skin Problems

Regena Roots was born out of Science, and is rooted in Ayurveda. We are on a mission to eradicate all hair and skin troubles.

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A Healthy Body equals a Happy YOU!

Ayurveda, European Research, and Our Experience have all showed us that a healthy body is the key to beautiful hair & skin.

At Regena Roots, we start your treatment by trying to understand the intrinsic cause of your hair and skin problems. Our Experts evaluate your hair & skin problems on the basis of your medical history, lifestyle, genetic factors and environmental conditions.

Based on this information, they are able to suggest individualized treatments, give nutritional advice and recommend lifestyle changes to improve the health and appearance of your hair, scalp and skin. We take a holistic approach that helps you get your natural gorgeous hair & skin back, while also improving your internal body health.

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Book Your First Consultation: Don’t hesitate, and come in for an expert diagnosis. Our technicians will make you feel comfortable while carefully examining your hair, scalp and skin. They will then recommend the right remedy and dosage adapted to your hair & skin needs. So sit back and relax while we find the perfect solution for all your Hair & Skin troubles.

State Of The Art Magnifier: At Regena Roots, you can digitally track your progress with our cutting-edge technology. It will bring you up close and personal with the health of your scalp and hair. As our technicians assess your hair, you can watch it live right in front of your eyes and be an active participant.

Specialized European Product-line: Once you are ready to take the next step with Regena Roots, we will provide you with exclusive hair and skin products; some flown in from Europe, and some curated with Ayurveda in India. Our experienced technicians will start off your hair & skin journey with these specialized products at the center. The next step is our hassle-free, at-home care kit which will become your relaxing daily ritual.

A Simple Matter Of Months: Within a short span of time, the results will make you fall in love with your hair, while your skin feels perfect in every way. Our simple treatment plan will bring you closer to your natural, gorgeous self. Leave the centre after each appointment with your confidence soaring high!

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Experience the Regena Roots Superiority

Our European product line has been selected for your Hair and Skin after a lot of research and tests. A combination of organic and natural plant extracts, our products have the remarkable ability to counter various hair and skin ailments without any cumbersome and painful procedures.

Once you visit our centre, you will experience our products when the right procedure has been personalised for you. Your treatment will comprise of in-centre visits with the technicians and a hassle-free at-home kit. This kit becomes part of your daily self-care routine and it gets you involved in your hair & skin journey as an active participant. This daily ritual also fosters the strengthening of your relationship with your body which is essential to the success of our incredible treatments.


Accurate & Comprehensive diagnosis by Experts.


Individualized Nutrition & Lifestyle Advice.


Highly effective solutions in specific timelines.

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Serving you wherever you are!

Our treatments are never out of reach for you. While we work on expanding the reach of our centers, we are proud to have received enquiries from around the world for our exclusive natural treatments. Our Experts curate and send a customized at-home kit to fix your hair or skin troubles after an online consultation. We have successfully served clients across Asia, North America, Europe, Australia & Africa.

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