Creating a World Without Hair & Skin Problems

Regena Roots was born out of Science, and is rooted in Ayurveda. We are on a mission to eradicate all hair and skin troubles.

Hair Loss Solutions

We Offer Advanced Solutions For All Your Hair Troubles, Minus The Medical Fuss.

REGENA ROOTS is an exclusive new brand that aims to eliminate all your hair problems, naturally. With a research base of over 10 years, we have created an advanced treatment line that combines the efficacy of Indian Ayurveda with the excellence of European Hair Care.

Our solutions are strictly devoid of any medicine, surgery or injectables. Our non-invasive treatments are tailored as per your hair issues (such as Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Hair thinning, Premature Gray Hair, Alopecia/Baldness, and Hair damage due to chemicals and pollution).

Regena Roots is now positioned at the forefront of bringing in a revolution in the Hair Treatments Industry. Our breakthrough Natural Hair Re-growth solution has continuously shown exceptional results, and is poised to wipe-out all the artificial alternatives.

Natural Hair Solutions

The Regena Roots experience transcends hair care and goes beyond the external. It is an immersive journey of internal holistic well-being.

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