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Hair Fall TReatment

Natural Hair Fall Treatment

For Stronger and Thicker Hair

Our personalized treatment procedures come in with sweeping results using natural products such as our Pure Ayurvedic Oils, Anti-Hairfall Shampoos, Lotions and Serums flown in from Spain and Italy.

The exclusive European product line that we offer has specialized product ranges for every kind of hair issue, and is an expert at finding effective solutions for hair fall. And the very best part? More than half of it takes place in your home thanks to our special at-home care kit, designed for your ease and for your hair’s happy journey. Finally, you have the best hair fall treatment at home, for keeping your hair & scalp healthy.

Is Your Hair Fall Problem Becoming Acute?

If you're looking for a Hair Fall solution as you've grown tired or frustrated with seeing way too many hair strands in your brush or the shower, it’s time to take a moment and learn a bit more about the nature of your hair, along with the necessary solutions for hair fall. Sometimes, it is not simply a change in shampoo that can fix these problems. Even though there is already a plethora of treatments out there, it is essential to understand what your hair needs. For finding out just what special blend your hair is craving, read on or contact us at Regena Roots for an expert consultation.

Understanding Hair Fall

While it is a known fact that hair shedding is part & parcel of life, and losing 10-30 strands are normal in one day, hair fall in large amounts is an alarming sign of your hair’s declining health. Even the most luscious of manes experience hair fall problems; we see some hair in our brushes or when we run our hands through our hair. It is not until our hair fall exceeds 100 strands daily, or when we start noticing some bald patches, that we know it has started to become an acute problem.

It is important to observe hairfall right when it starts and to take adequate action to mitigate the issue. Our hair is the ultimate expression of our identity to the world, whichever way we choose to style it. But at the same time, we have to be responsible for our style choices, health, and daily habits. The requirement of Hair Fall Treatment is increasing nowadays due to the overuse of chemical hair dyes, sprays, wax, mousse etc. Harmful hair treatments like Straightening, Rebonding, Smoothening, bleaching, coloring etc. are also some reasons for hairfall.

Hair Fall Solution
Hair Fall Causes

The Reasons Behind Hair Fall

A Sign of Declining Body Health?

The problem of Hair fall is actually a sign of deteriorating hair & body health, irrespective of your age and gender, and it is a major concern now for a big chunk of our population. The external factors that are responsible for hair fall problem are:
Ever-increasing stress at work place; hard, salty & heavy water; use of OTC hair care products that are of an inferior quality; chemical overuse on hair for fashion styling; insufficient nutrition in diet, excessive drinking or smoking, and sedentary lifestyle.

Both stress and anxiety cause micro-irritations on the surface of your scalp that can result in serious consequences for your hair such as thinning and eventual falling out. In this case, it can cause a chain reaction which can get worse if the scalp does not receive adequate nourishment.

Hair Fall Control Treatment

Your search for Hair Fall Solutions stops here.

When you start experiencing excessive hair fall problems, you may feel prompted to search for an immediate cure. You might consider DIY hairfall remedies that tend to have very little or no guarantee. You may even look at some chemical or invasive treatments that you yourself feel unsure of. It is quite normal to feel uncertain about these chemical treatments & medicated remedies. Of course, who wouldn’t prefer natural treatments, and at the same time get to tend to their hair’s health from the comfort of their home? Still, this uncertainty means that although you are ready for a change, you are experiencing a difficulty in placing your faith in artificial products or surgical methods.

This is where the Regena Roots Hair fall solution has proved its unwavering mettle. Our personalized treatment procedures come with exceptional results using natural products; such as our proprietary Pure Ayurvedic oils, Anti-Hairfall Shampoos and Serums, along with diet & lifestyle advice for healthy hair.

Hair Fall Control

The Regena Roots Hair Fall treatment is the fastest & most reliable way to stop hair fall immediately. Our product line has shown incredible results in stopping excessive hair fall, boosting your hair’s growth, and improving your hair & scalp health.

Hair Fall Treatment

Effective Treatment for Hair Fall

Control extreme hair fall with Regena Roots.

Hair fall can be stopped within 4 weeks if there is no severe medical health condition involved. Regena Roots has derived a simple, easy to follow, no-frills regime to prevent and stop hair fall in very few steps:

The first step would be to restore the natural moisture back into the hair which can be easily done by applying our pure Ayurvedic Anti-Hairfall Oil (handmade with curated herbs extracts, coconut derivatives and natural vitamins) on the scalp at least thrice a week, duly massaging with finger tips for 10 minutes and leaving it overnight.

Step two is to use our unique Hair-fall Control Shampoo (free of Sulphates, Parabens & Silicone). You may also use a Hair mask recommended by our experts to add shine & moisture to the hair.

The most important step is the customized weekly-treatment sitting, which majorly depends on the condition of your scalp & hair. A special booster-serum is applied by our expert technicians at the center.

The Regena Roots Natural Hair Fall treatment is supported by a natural healthy diet, covering deficiency of Vitamins, Protein , and Amino acids, while the natural herbs cure your hair fall problem effectively.

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The Regena Roots hair fall control product line from Europe is fully equipped with the best solution to your hair issues. It comes stocked with a special anti-hair fall shampoo and lotion that target the issue at its root and make your hair stronger.
The one way to stop hair fall and, at the same time, regrow your hair naturally is with us at Regena Roots. We believe in bringing back your hair by non-invasive means, the natural way. Our products and technicians have developed the required expertise to effectively stop your hair fall and make your tresses healthier.
One important way is to regularly maintain and groom your hair and to not take too much stress. You should also oil your hair weekly so that your hair does not start falling in the near future. We suggest our in-house Ayurvedic oil blend that protects your hair’s health.

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