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Natural Hair Regeneration: Hair treatments without any side effects.

Natural Hair treatments

Non-Invasive Natural Hair Treatments

A Novel Way of Restoring Your Natural Hair

Natural Hair Treatments: At Regena Roots, we are dedicated to combating all your hair loss worries with our unique product range, which stimulates new roots naturally and subsequently leads to hair regrowth. Our product range consists of concentrated vitamins, placenta protein and coconut oil derivative as key ingredients.

Hair is indeed the crowning glory of our personality and is a distinctive feature of our appearance. Hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp, alopecia and trichotillomania are the common problems of today's world and they can be resolved with Regena Roots natural hair regeneration treatment.

We never use or endorse any medicines, surgeries or invasive procedures for restoring your hair. Our mission is to help you get back your flawless hair in a natural and holistic way, without any side effects.

Revolutionary Treatments for Your Crowning Glory; Your Hair.

Our meticulously tested, Non-Invasive Hair Regrowth Treatments bring you a step closer to your desired crowning glory.
The Non-Medicinal Hair Solutions by Regena Roots work round-the-clock to naturally boost your hair density and revive your hairline!

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Schedule Your Consultation: Visit the Regena Roots Hair & Skin Centers for an expert diagnosis. Our technicians will make you feel comfortable while carefully examining your hair & scalp. They will then recommend the appropriate solution, adapted to all your hair needs. So you can sit back and relax while we adapt our solutions as per your Hair troubles.

Embracing Technology: At Regena Roots, you can digitally track your progress with efficient & effective digital microscopes. This process keeps you informed about the health of your scalp and hair. As our technicians assess your hair, you can watch it live right in front of you and be an active participant.

Exclusive Product-line: We begin your treatment with our exclusive hair & scalp products; some flown in from Europe, and some created with Ayurvedic principles in India. Our experienced technicians will start off your hair growth journey with these specialized products at the center. The next step is our hassle-free, at-home care kit which will become your relaxing daily ritual.

Efficient Timelines: Within a short span of time, you will observe the positive changes in your hair, and the results will make you fall in love with your hair again. Our simple treatment plan will bring you closer to your natural, gorgeous self.

Ayurvedic Hair Treatment
Treatments Involve The Use Of All Or Some Of The Following Products As Per Your Hair Needs:

Regena Roots Toning Lotions & Serums: Concentrated formula with a high content of active ingredients that enhance blood circulation in the scalp. The Placenta Protein, Cysteine & Amino Acids, along with Menthol, Camphor & Eucalipthol, create a refreshing action that keep the scalp healthy and promote healthy hair growth. The Booster Serums incorporate active vitamin complexes; a mixture of Vitamins A + E + F + Vitamin H (Biotin) that moisturize, strengthen & repair hair cuticle and its root, while regulating sebum. The bulb receives an intense protein intake which makes it stronger & more resistant.

Regena Roots PROREGINOL Shampoos: Moisturize and strengthen the hair while providing shine, softness & volume, eliminating static electricity. The formula favours the oxygenation of hair and regenerates the scalp, helping to reduce hair loss. They incorporate biologically active materials: 1) Placenta protein- hydrates, softens, strengthens & repairs fine or damaged hair. 2) Wheat Natural Proteins- Strengthen the hair penetrating the hair cuticle. 3) Coconut Oil Derivatives- Nourish the hair, help healthy growth & provide shine.

Regena Roots DIVYARANJAN Ayurvedic Oils: A unique blend of specifically curated herbs that have restructuring & rejuvenating properties. The pure hair oils provide moisture to hair fibers, thereby adding vibrancy & shine to the hair. They stimulate & energize the roots for growth & longevity, while purifying the scalp and keeping it clean. The special formulations fortify hair roots, add life to dull hair, and make the hair darker & richer. Natural hair is everyone's dream. It is the best way to make your hair look naturally lustrous and beautiful. We help you achieve that dream by offering the best natural hair treatments for both men and women.


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Although it is partially true that hair loss is genetic and therefore, unavoidable, we believe that our products have adequately displayed their ability to prevent further hair loss once it has been detected. Our Ayurvedic oil and European products team up to positively stop hair loss completely and prevent it for the future.
We pride ourselves on our high-quality natural product range. We do not promote or include harsh chemicals in hair regrowth procedures because the effects of the same can be devastating. We use the finest herbs in our ayurvedic oils, and the healthiest ingredients in our shampoos and serums.
The Regena Roots baldness treatment has proved its stunning caliber in bringing back the hair that was lost on every occasion. Our clients have shared with us their satisfaction after each appointment. We could not be more proud of our product line and the unwavering patience shown by our clients!

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