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Regena Roots® Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Our Exclusive Hair Loss Treatment

At Regena Roots, we are dedicated to combating all your hair loss worries with our unique product range, which stimulates new roots naturally and subsequently leads to hair regrowth. Our Experts give you personalized hair loss treatment, which includes the use of specific Regena Roots products along with a customized lifestyle & diet advice.

With Regena Roots, your hair won’t just start to come back, it’s going to truly thrive. Visit our centre now to experience a new, healthier, risk-free way of treating your hair loss.

Experience the Best Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Our incredibly popular Regena Roots PROREGINOL treatment is the hair loss treatment you’ve been looking for. Our method incorporates all of nature’s goodness, just the way it was intended, with a few boosting tweaks of our own. The Regena Roots PROREGINOL treatment successfully adapts to the needs of every scalp, lending the regime an entirely unique character. And that’s how our clients know that there is no other plan as exciting and effective as ours.

A Healthy Scalp
equals Healthy Hair.

Your Hair Journey starts at the roots.

Hair growth happens naturally within the hair follicles. A healthy scalp is very important to help the hair roots grow in the follicles. At Regena Roots, we strive to help your body naturally create the right conditions for your scalp to start supporting healthy new hair. Our specialized product line protects your scalp from outside chemicals and irritants that affect your hair badly, while stimulating the growth of new hair roots.

Our hair loss treatment stimulates the body’s natural process of hair growth whilst fostering a healthy diet and lifestyle. The Regena Roots regimen is meticulously tested to adapt to the needs of the scalps of both men and women that correspond to the phases of hair growth.

Hair Loss Solutions
Hair Loss Causes

Here's Why You Might Need
A Hair Loss Treatment:

The loss of your hair often surprises you. Even though it is a fact that 25% of men experience hair loss before they turn 21, and 13% of women experience baldness before menopause, the actual starting point could be startling. Hair loss is more often than not genetic, but can also have several other factors:

  • Medication, Steroids, Drugs.

  • Hormonal Imbalance, Thyroid Imbalances.

  • Usage of excessive chemicals eg. for straightening, smoothening.

  • Use of poor quality hair products – shampoos, oils, conditioners/mask.

In addition to all these reasons, stress & anxiety also play a major role. They can cause micro-irritations on the scalp that can have serious consequences such as hair thinning & eventual falling out.

Analysis, Advisory,
and Application

Primarily, we analyze your hair loss problem and assess the damage caused to the hair and scalp. Our team of specialists diagnose the condition of both hair and scalp, by conducting a physical examination in a holistic approach. For this, we have a state-of-the-art handheld microscope, through which we can see the condition of the scalp & roots.

Once the root cause of the hair loss problem is determined, our professional experts recommend a unique hair regrowth solution for you. They suggest an individual, personalized treatment, which includes the use of specific Regena Roots products along with the advice to change in lifestyle, eating healthy food, restricting the use of chemical products on hair etc.

Regena Roots Results
Natural Hair Growth Cycle

What Are The Stages Of Natural Hair Growth?

Natural Hair Growth Takes Place In Three Stages - Anagen, Catagen, And Telogen.

Anagen is the active phase of hair growth. In this phase, the follicle is fully attached to the dermal papilla and the hair grows upwards and outwards. This phase lasts from two to six years.

Catagen is the transitional phase of hair growth. In this phase, the hair bulb detaches from the blood supply (dermal papilla) and moves away from the base.

Telogen occurs once the hair strand is fully detached from the follicle. In this phase, the hair sheds actively so that it can be replaced with new hair in the Anagen phase.

Issues like hair loss and hair thinning occur when this cycle doesn't function properly, i.e. Telogen is not followed by Anagen.

The Natural Hair Regrowth treatment offered by Regena Roots ensures that this cycle gets completed naturally and healthily.

We believe that every human being is exquisitely unique and diverse. No two bodies are the same. Therefore, your hair loss treatment is meticulously tailored for you.

Your Hair Growth Journey Starts Here!

Free Hair Consultation
Hassle-free Consultation

We evaluate your hair & scalp to determine the appropriate treatment regime for you. The Treatment combines various natural and organic plant extracts that work just as well for hair loss prevention whilst regaining your thick hair. Our Hair Loss Treatment is much more effective and economical than transplants and medicines. There is absolutely no kind of cutting, scarring, or long & painful recovery periods. You can go right back to work after your visit to the Regena Roots Hair & Skin center!

Naturally healthy Hair
Understanding Your Hair

The treatment intimately understands the four phases of natural hair growth:
1) The Anagen, or growing phase, during which your hair grows.
2) The Catagen, or regression phase, during which your hair follicles shrink and detach from your scalp.
3) The Telogen, or resting phase, during which new hair begins to grow under the older, detached hair strands.
The hair loss treatment has been designed keeping these three phases in mind.

Intensive hair loss solution
Specially Formulated Products

The Regena Roots product line is loaded with the benefits of : 1) Vitamin A, E, F & Vitamin H (Biotin) which hydrate, strengthen and repair hair cuticle & root. 2) Placenta Protein and Coconut Oil Derivatives nourish the hair, helps healthy growth & provides shine. 3) Biologically active proteins derived from milk stimulates the follicle and protein synthesis. 4) Inositol, which prevents capillary damage and increases blood flow. 5) Sulfur amino acids, which regulate sebaceous secretion on the scalp.

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Although it is partially true that hair loss is genetic and therefore, unavoidable, we believe that our products have adequately displayed their ability to prevent further hair loss once it has been detected. Our Ayurvedic oil and European products team up to positively stop hair loss completely and prevent it for the future.
We pride ourselves on our high-quality natural product range. We do not promote or include harsh chemicals in hair regrowth procedures because the effects of the same can be devastating. We use the finest herbs in our ayurvedic oils, and the healthiest ingredients in our shampoos and serums.
The Regena Roots baldness treatment has proved its stunning caliber in bringing back the hair that was lost on every occasion. Our clients have shared with us their satisfaction after each appointment. We could not be more proud of our product line and the unwavering patience shown by our clients!

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