Achieving the Unimaginable: Best Natural Premature Grey Hair Treatment

Premature Grey Hair Treatment

A Natural Premature Grey Hair Treatment

At Regena Roots, we provide an exclusive treatment for white hair and premature grey hair treatment, wherein the early greying of hair stops within weeks of treatment and the new roots are completely black, without the use of harmful colours or dyes.

The treatment involves adding moisture to hair structure, strengthening of existing hair follicles, improving blood circulation with certain protein & vitamin serums. We advise simple home care regime for scalp nutrition which includes our proprietary Ayurvedic Herbal Oil, along with Specially formulated Shampoo & Serum brought in from Europe. Healthy diet, nutrition requirements & lifestyle changes are also advised by our experts, which are crucial elements of the anti-greying treatment by Regena Roots.

Early Grey Hair: A Nightmare For All Youngsters.

When white hair shows up early, it is known as premature greying of hair. When the white hair strands are visible after 40, it is considered to be due to normal aging process and it is acceptable by the majority. But it is intimidating for those who are in their teens or 20s or even 30s. For many, it is a time of fear and contemplation over what could have happened all of a sudden to bring about the much dreaded sign of aging. In today's high-stress lifestyle and increasing pollution, premature greying of hair is usually one of the most disturbing issue for the younger generations.

Addressing Your Concerns

The magnitude of the problem of early greying of hair was not left unnoticed by us. In our endeavour to solve all your hair concerns, we came to observe the immense magnitude of cases of white hair in people below the age of 50. There was a time when greying was considered a sign of aging, which was usually seen when a person reached their 50’s. But now, this problem starts even before the age of 20 years in a large number of young people.

The ever-increasing number of people that are becoming prone to premature greying made us stand up and search for an effective and natural anti-greying treatment for premature grey hair.

While people often resort to all sorts of remedies to counter their early whites, most of these are only temporary and short-lived solutions. Hair Colour & Henna are some other options that people turn to. However, the chemical hair dyes cause serious damage your hair, especially with frequent use.

Premature greying treatment
Hair greying causes

Causes of Greying Hair

Why Are People Getting White/Grey Hair Earlier Than Ever Before?

There can be numerous reasons for this but the most important reason of premature greying of hair, as researched by Western medicine, is that it is caused by Genetics, Disproportionate Stress, Sedentary Lifestyle, over-abuse of drinking & smoking, and deficiency of Vitamin B12 & D. Other Common Reasons:

1) Lack of nutrition- Absence of a healthy diet.
2) Use of Harmful Products, such as hair dyes, colors & chemical treatments, bad shampoo & conditioner, hair styling products.
3) High intake of alcohol, smoking & drugs.
4) Stress levels, metabolism issues.
5) Health issues like diabetes, thyroid, autoimmune diseases.
6) Hygiene & pollution issues – managing sweat & oil in the scalp.

Intrinsic Reasons for Greying

Why Hair Turns Grey, As Explained by Ayurveda.

From the perspective of Ayurveda, Greying of hair is caused by weak kidneys or weak liver blood, which can also be related to aging and stress. Our kidneys play many vital roles in body functions and one of the most important roles of kidneys is for our hair health. Ample nourishment from our kidney helps good blood circulate, causing our hair to appear lustrous and thick. Without proper nourishment, our hair appears dry and brittle, which leads to Thinning and Premature Greying to start setting in.

Degeneration is a natural process and the strength of the kidneys naturally decreases with age, leading to comparatively low energy, reduced reproductive capacity, weak joints and ligaments, tooth decay and grey hair. But High stress, smoking, overworking and poor diet may accelerate this process of aging, subsequently causing hair greying. The rich science of Ayurveda teaches life preservation techniques to slow down the aging process and premature greying of hair can be very well reversed with the help of Ayurveda. The curated herbs as suggested by Ayurveda promote cell metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. This helps in increasing the blood supply to hair follicle cells, the cells receive rich nourishment and the improved efficiency of the body's cells prevents premature greying of hair.

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The Regena Roots Premature Greying Prevention Treatment has Specially Curated Herbs which provide a Natural Black Texture to your Hair.

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An Unparalleled Treatment

Restore your Natural Hair colour, effectively.

We at Regena Roots, provide a complete solution where early greying stops within weeks of treatment and new roots are completely black. The treatment involves adding moisture to hair structure, strengthening of exisiting hair follicles, and improving blood circulation with certain protein & vitamin serums, and healthy dietary habits.

Dietary supplements like Black sesame seeds are a good and handy support to keep hair black and shiny, because Black sesame seeds are rich in calcium, protein, phosphorous, iron and magnesium. Vitamin B12 is a boon for people whose hair are turning white due to difficulty in absorption of nutrients from food.

Our Serums, that are rich in Vitamins B, Biotin, & Placental Proteins, help in prevention of premature greying of hair. Regular Massage of the Scalp with our one-of-a-kind Natural Ayurvedic Oil is effective in preventing early white hair.

Products that are applied on the hair & scalp need to be free of harmful chemicals, preferably those without sulphates, parabens, ammonia and PPD. Hair color & care products should be used with specific protein & plant extracts which are known to instantly reverse the damage done by colour and chemicals. Taking care of scalp hygiene like managing sweat, oiling the scalp, and a regular cleansing routine helps a lot in prevention of premature greying. A lot of people want to look younger. Premature grey hair treatment can help you with that.

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Premature Greying can not only be reduced, but it can actually be fully reversed. There are several factors which need to be taken care of in reversing this condition and the treatment protocol has to be followed religiously. The Regena Roots anti-greying treatment has shown positive changes in 100% of the cases.

The key to healthy and naturally black hair lies in the foods you eat. It is advisable to eat a balanced diet of natural proteins & Vitamin B enriched vegetables, such as blueberries, red bell peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, lentils, legumes, Cruciferous Vegetables, beetroot, grapes, dates, kidney beans. Our treatments include a customized diet advice for you that will help you get your darker hair back, naturally.

Regena Roots provides the best and most effective remedy for white/grey hair, where early greying stops within weeks of treatment and new roots are completely black. We advise some routine home care for scalp nutrition which is primarily our proprietary ayurvedic herbal oil & an exclusive serum to be applied weekly or as advised by our experts. Healthy diet & nutrition requirements are also advised by the experts. The treatment involves adding moisture to the hair structure, strengthening of exisiting hair follicles, and improving blood circulation in the scalp with certain protein & vitamin serums.

Hair Darkening is a complete scientific process which includes your hormonal & overall health, good blood formation & circulation throughout the body, the diet you eat, the environmental factors, and your hair care routine. You have to take care of your Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D levels, along with Serum Ferritin and Serum calcium. The Premature Greying of hair treatment by Regena Roots helps you get your natural, dark hair back.

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