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We at Regena Roots have an innovative formula for Hair Regrowth Treatment in Delhi for men and women. The revolutionary non-invasive European product line stimulates hair regrowth and hair regeneration naturally. We, at Regena Roots, are dedicated to combating all your hair loss worries with our unique product range, which stimulates new roots naturally and subsequently leads to hair regrowth. Our product range consists of concentrated vitamins, placenta protein and coconut oil derivative as key ingredients.

Nowadays, hair loss has become a major problem being faced both by men and women, irrespective of age. Loss of hair can start as early as mid 20s and by the time men reach their 50s, it is observed that they lose 50% of their mane. Hair is indeed the crowning glory of our personality and is a distinctive feature of our appearance. Hair loss, hair breakage, oily scalp, alopecia and trichotillomania are the common problems of today's world and they can be resolved with Regena Roots natural hair regrowth treatment.

Main Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss can be attributed to various causes. The most common are:

  • Hormonal changes, which can be caused due to thyroid, pregnancy, childhood and menopause.
  • Medical Conditions like Ringworms, which cause scalp infections, Alopecia Areata, which leads to patchy hair loss and Trichotillomania, which is a hair-pulling disorder.
  • Side effect of medications for treating cancer, heart problems, blood pressure, gout, arthritis and depression.
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What are the stages of Natural Hair Growth?

Natural Hair growth takes place in three stages - Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Anagen is the active phase of hair growth. In this phase, the follicle is fully attached to the dermal papilla and the hair grows upwards and outwards. This phase lasts from two to six years.

Catagen is the transitional phase of hair growth. In this phase, the hair bulb detaches from the blood supply (dermal papilla) and moves away from the base.

Telogen occurs once the hair strand is fully detached from the follicle. In this phase, the hair sheds actively so that it can be replaced with new hairs in anagen.

Issues like hair loss and hair thinning occur when this cycle doesn't function properly ie. the Telogen phase isn't followed by the Anagen phase. The Natural Hair Regrowth treatment offered by Regena Roots ensures that this cycle gets completed naturally and healthily.

Best Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Let's face it, anyone who has experienced hair loss has resorted to trying various home remedies when recommended by friends or online articles. But, do they have any positive results? Do the hair roots grow? Despair not! When everything fails, Regena Root offers the best hair regrowth treatment - a cure for all your hair loss worries. The newly launched product range by Regena Roots assures 100% positive results within weeks and ensures healthy growing hair along with a healthy scalp. Regena Roots provides treatments through its non-invasive products without making you go under the knife or any painful medical procedures.

Regena Roots range of products include Toning Anti-Hair Loss Lotion in Blisters, Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Anti-Oily Shampoo. Regena Roots products are loaded with the benefits of : -

  • Vitamin A, E, F and Vitamin H (Biotin) which hydrates, strengthens, strengthens and repairs hair cuticle and root along with blood circulation of the scalp
  • Placenta Protein and Coconut Oil Derivatives nourish the hair, helps healthy growth and provides shine. .
  • Biologically active proteins derived from milk stimulates the follicle and protein synthesis.
  • DL-ethylpantitenol, an essential element of coenzyme A, which improves damaged hair, increases hydration and protects hair from environmental factors like sunlight, pollution etc. .
  • Inositol, which prevents capillary damage and increases blood flow. .
  • Sulfur amino acids, which regulate sebaceous secretion on the scalp. .
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Best Hair Regrowth Treatment for men and women

At Regena Roots, we focus on a three-step strategy to offer the best hair regrowth treatment in Delhi through Analysis, Advisory and Product treatment.

  • Primarily, we analyze the problem being faced by our client and access the damage caused to the hair and scalp. Our highly driven team of experts diagnose the condition of both hair and scalp, by conducting a physical examination in a holistic approach. For this, we have a state-of-the-art handheld microscope, through which we can see the condition of the scalp minutely. The best part is that the client can actively participate in this process and can track the treatment benefits live on a handheld screen.
  • Once the root cause of the hair loss problem is determined, our professional experts can determine a unique solution for hair regrowth for men and women respectively. Our team can suggest individual personalized treatment, which includes the use of any Regena Roots product along with the advice to change in lifestyle, eating healthy food, restricting the use of chemical products on hair etc.

Treatment involves the use of all or some of the following products depending upon the requirements :

Regena Roots Toning Anti-Hair Loss Lotion in Blisters

Toning and strengthening lotion to prevent hair loss. Concentrated formula with a high content of active ingredients that activates the blood circulation of the scalp, helping to stop hair loss. It favors and stimulates hair growth The Placenta Protein, Cysteine and Amino Acids together with Menthol, Camphor and Eucalipthol create a refreshing action that improves the blood circulation of the scalp, keeping it healthy and in optimal conditions for hair growth. It also regulates hair grease to favor hair oxygenation. It also incorporates an active vitamin complex:

Reinforcing & Purifying Lotion

Purifying reinforcing lotion. Hair healthier and stronger thanks to its active ingredients: taurine promotes the restoration of the anagen phase (regrowth phase) of the bulb, restructuring the outer cells of the cuticle of the stem. The pyrithione zinc removes and reduces dandruff. Plant stem cells have a regenerative action on the hair bulb cells..

Regena Roots Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Shampoo specific treatment against hair loss, moisturizes and strengthens the hair while providing shine, softness and volume, eliminating static electricity Its formula favours the oxygenation of the hair and regenerates the scalp, helping to reduce hair loss. It incorporates biologically active materials that act against hair loss and its regeneration and are

 Placenta protein: moisturizes, softens, strengthens and repairs fine or damaged hair.

 Wheat natural proteins: strengthen the hair penetrating the hair cuticle.

 Coconut Oil Derivatives: nourishes the hair, helps healthy growth and provides shine.

Regena Roots Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Shampoo treatment specially formulated to reduce the dandruff produced by the dryness of the scalp. Its delicate formula hydrates, softens, and gives shine and volume to the hair.


It incorporates extracts of Própolis and Birch, Derivatives of Coconut Oil and PiroctoneOlamine, which combats the proliferation of the Pityrosporumovale of the scalp, eliminating the dead cells of the scalp and therefore, dandruff. Thanks to the natural extracts, the hair is hydrated, soft, shiny and with volume.

Anti-Oily Shampoo

Shampoo treatment that regulates the sebaceous glands of the scalp by rebalancing the scalp.


The action of Vitamin B helps regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands and Panthenol and Amino Acids take care of the scalp and hair, giving it shine and volume

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. There are many methods to regrow hair as seen on the Internet. Mostly they are chemical-heavy, invasive, or containing spurious ingredients. This can be a very risky route to take for anyone. To regrow your hair naturally, Regena Roots has the best solution for you. We use a variety of high-quality products from Europe along with an excellent Ayurvedic hair oil. This is the most natural way to regrow your hair.
Ans. With Regena Roots, your greying hair can also regrow, thicker and healthier than before.Also, the treatment is so good that your greying reduces by 70-80% during the course of treatment and stays permanently. Our natural methods target your issues at the very root and find healthy solutions. The Regena Roots procedure is the simplest and best way to regrow your greying hair.
Ans. Our procedure is entirely safe and risk-free for both men and women of all ages. We pride ourselves on our long-lasting treatment and natural products. So you can rest assured that your hair will not fall out. In fact, it will begin to thrive.
Ans. Our top of the line product range from Spain and Italy concentrated stimulates dead follicles so as to trigger the hair regrowth process. Our Ayurvedic hair oil, and specific hair regrowth serums get straight to the root and begin the essential revitalization of your hair.
Ans. We pride ourselves on our high-quality natural product range. We do not promote or include harsh chemicals in hair regrowth procedures because the effects of the same can be devastating. We use the finest herbs in our essential oils, and the healthiest ingredients in our shampoos and serums.

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