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5 Common Hair Fall Mistakes You Should Avoid Starting Now

Hair fall can be quite inevitable. Every human being experiences some sort of hair fall problem in their life. This can affect your self-esteem and confidence even. Hair fall can happen due to many reasons which may be big or small enough. If your lifestyle is healthy but you are still wondering what is causing your hair fall, check out these common mistakes you might be making that are causing your hair fall.

Are Hair Fall Issues That Scary?

Let's be real. Everyone faces hair fall. However, to this day, hair fall is still somewhat the biggest worry anyone goes through. Being unable to stop your hair from falling can cause panic mode in everyone.

While hair fall can be a cause of concern most of the time, it can also be happening due to small mistakes that you are making. There are various forms of hair falls one might experience and depend upon the cause, you can either be cautious and start taking the right measures or simply treat it by observing your hair.

Is Hair Fall Permanent?

Most people when starts losing hair wonders whether this action is forever. The truth is no. Hair fall is a common issue and can be treated if you are willing to put in the effort and try out the right method. While there are cases where hair fall issues are rather permanent and cannot be treated, most people experience hair fall that is caused by common mistakes they make while maintaining hair.

If you are facing hair fall but cannot figure out what you are doing wrong, try and avoid these simple mistakes that might be causing hair fall in you.

5 Common Mistakes That Is Causing Your Hair Fall

Tried out all methods but still cannot stop your hair fall? You might be doing it wrong. Hair fall can happen due to lots of reasons and even the smallest of mistakes you make can cause a gradual shift in your hair health. Some of these are common mistakes you might make are listen down below:

  • Mistake 1: Tight Hairstyles
  • Tight hairstyles can be a common hair fall reason most people are not aware of. Tying your hair in tight hairstyles can cause your hair to pull from the roots causing breakage or falling off. It is important not to stress your hair follicles to ensure good growth too. Make sure to try out simple and easy hairstyles that do not pull on your hair to ensure any hair fall.

  • Mistake 2: Shampooing Too Often
  • We all know shampoos are great for hair and its growth. But too much of anything can be rather dangerous and concerning. Most shampoo products available on the market contain high amounts of sulfates which can be extremely harmful to your hair. Shampooing your hair too often can strip off the natural moisture present in the follicles causing them to dry and break.

    Try checking out all the ingredients and buying the ones that are best for your hair type to avoid this type of mistake.

  • Mistake 3: Overusing Hair Products
  • Hair products may not always turn out to be helpful to your hair. If not used the right and needed way, they might end up being harmful and cause hair fall. Lots of people overuse hair products that are easily available on the market. These easily available products mostly contain harmful ingredients to your hair added just to create lather and texture. In long run, they can harm your hair health and slowly cause it to fall off.

  • Mistake 4: Using Heat Tools Often
  • Heat tools are villains to your hair. This is a commonly known fact. Too much heat can cause hair to get dry and break and even cause hair fall. Hair products, while creating volume can be dangerous and bad for your hair in the long run. You can try allowing your hair to dry on its own or use blow dryers are low heat is necessary.

  • Mistake 5: Avoiding Regular Trim Sessions
  • Split ends can be a cause your hair to stop growing. While most people relate healthy hair growth to the length of the hair, the truth is that your hair condition is a much bigger determinant of how healthy it is. It is important to trim your hair at least once every two months. This helps remove the split ends. Split ends are common among anyone with long hair and can only be treated by having a trimming session once in a while.

Still, Facing Hair Fall Issues? What To Do!

As said earlier, hair fall can happen due to any reason. From hair thinning to premature greying of hair, all sorts of hair problems have their root causes. If you are taking the right care of your hair but is still facing too much hair fall, it is time to take action by consulting a doctor. Some hair fall issues can be crucial and can cause permanent hair fall. In such situations, it is advised to consult a doctor to further treat your condition at the start.


No matter what hair fall issue you are facing, everything has a root cause you must look out for. The small mistakes you make every day can lead to thinning and even balding of hair. So, it is important to take immediate and necessary precautions to ensure your hair is growing right and healthy. With the tips we have given, you can now not be careful and avoid all the problems that are causing your hair to fall off!

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