Reason for Dandruff

Causes & Treatment Of Dandruff

The reason of seborrhea dermatitis or cause of dandruff can be a yeast like fungus that grows mostly on oily scalp many a times, but a dry & irritated skin also can also be one of the causes of dandruff. One of the frequent reason is not keeping the scalp clean essentially, but it can happen due to sensitivity to chemical based poor hair products as well.

We often see many advertisements showing the appearance of these small white flakes on scalp between dark hair, a dark dress or a dark colour coat. A few particles of dandruff go unnoticed but when these Dandruff flakes increase, it sometimes contributes to low self-esteem and in severe dandruff cases, person tends to avoid social appearances due to constant itching and irritation on the scalp. It has been estimated that as much as 50% of the population is troubled by this nuisance.

What Causes Dandruff?

Though the exact cause of dandruff is yet not known but various reasons have been found to be the cause of dandruff. The main issue with dandruff is irritated and itchy scalp but there can be many false alarms too which need to be ruled out first:

Dandruff Impostors

An itchy scalp can be due to many reasons. Patients with head lice involuntarily itch. The six-legged lice or its egg case attached to a hair shaft is sufficient to cause the itching.

Contact dermatitis caused by allergies due to frequent hair colouring, permanent straightening solutions, or shampoo preservative can occasionally be confused with dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis because in both cases there is excess scaling on the scalp. Rarely, fungal infections can cause a non-inflammatory scaling dermatitis of the scalp. It is most often found to look very similar to seborrheic dermatitis.

Dandruff Triggers

There may be a seasonal relationship to the severity of dermatitis. Extreme weather like Cold, dry winters can also trigger dandruff or make it worse, too. In one study, it was found that seborrhoea was correlated with lower humidity.

Is My Shampoo Causing Dandruff?

White specks or flakes come from dried hair mousses, sprays, or nourishers that peels off the hair and then it falls on the shoulders. Some people avoid shampooing regularly thinking that it will lead to a dry scalp and cause damage to the hair and ultimately the hair quality and sheen will fade away. Indeed, scales from an unwashed scalp will just be accumulated and appear as excessive dandruff. Actually, having a dry scalp is very rare. The scalp skin is full of follicles with active sebaceous glands producing large quantities of grease.

So called, Medicated shampoos available over the counter can up to some extent control seborrheic dermatitis in many people temporarily. The prolonged use of these anti-seborrhoea shampoos contain a formulation which seems to be beneficial in diminishing the inflammation and scaling of seborrhoea initially may actually escalate the problem.

Dandruff And Sunlight

There is no evidence as such that sunlight may cause or help get rid of dandruff. If the scalp is mostly hairless, then only sunlight or any ultraviolet light could reach the skin. There are reports of mountain guides having more seborrheic dermatitis than expected. There is this slight possibility that ultraviolet exposure may aggravate the disease. Sun exposure should be preferably avoided for controlling dandruff.

Natural Remedies To Treat Dandruff

Yes, the products based on natural remedies can surely treat & cure dandruff. Ayurveda has given us solutions to most of ailments using natural & botanical yields. We have this conviction that there is a superiority of botanical organics, the plant extracts, like Aloe Vera, Linseed Oil, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Linalool, which can minimize and cure Dandruff. The organic plant recently harvested from a personal garden is perfectly safe to have natural healing effect and might cure any ailment.

Any Best Shampoo And Conditioner To Cure Dandruff?

Shiny and healthy hair any day makes us look and feel great. But if you ask, is shampoo and conditioner alone enough to get those terrific tresses, the answer is NO. The magic key to beautiful & healthy hair lies in the foods one eats. Good nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body, including a head full of awesome hair.

Dandruff Prevention Kit

The Anti-dandruff Treatment by Regena Roots consists of extracts of Propolis and Birch, Derived from Coconut Oil and Piroctone Olamine, which fights the proliferation of Pityrosporum ovale of the scalp, eliminating dead scalp cells and therefore, dandruff. Antibacterial and soothing, prevents skin desquamation. Precious active antimicrobials restore the right balance on the skin, regulating the formation of the natural flora. The feeling of relief and cleanliness is immediate.

How To Wash Hair To Avoid Dandruff

Shampooing the scalp is actually not a highly technical procedure. Simply take sufficient amount of chemical free (Sulphate free, Paraben free, Silicone free) shampoo as per your hair density in the palm of one hand and apply it with fingers all over the scalp, carefully massaging lightly on the head preferably with fingertips. Leave the shampoo to work on the scalp for about 2-3 minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly. Some of these no harmful chemical shampoos have a trace of unpleasant smell, and leave the hair dry, it is always a good to apply a chemical free conditioner on the length of hair after the shampoo is rinsed. Let the conditioner also work on the hair for a couple of minutes and then rinse thoroughly again.

Should I Consult A Doctor For My Dandruff?

Severe form of Scalp dermatitis or Dandruff not manageable by over the counter medicated shampoos needs be examined by an Expert Dermatologist or a Doctor at trichology Centre. Seborrheic Dermatitis is the most common cause of Dandruff; it is actually necessary to supplement shampooing with topical steroids lotions or antifungal lotions. Both in combination work well to control seborrheic dermatitis, yet, a permanent cure for this condition usually unavailable. Treatment often requires to be repeated often initially but at later the frequency starts decreasing gradually.

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