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How to Prevent hair fall and thinning in female

Today, females across the world are suffering and devastated from severe hair fall leading to thinning. At any given point, about 50 million females across the world are having hair thinning problem or female alopecia and there is increasing number of females day by day.

15 Tips to Get Rid of Hair fall & Thinning problem

To understand it better, we need to have our body system insight.

Healthy Scalp and Healthy Hair are by-product of best of nutritional diet, lifestyle management and hair care products.

Following things to be taken care of:

  • To Keep Hormones in check- Eat balanced diet, rich in Protein, Vitamin B12 & E, Omega 3 fatty acids, Iron, calcium and usual nutrition.
  • Eat green vegetables, nuts, oats, flex seeds, beans, eggs in a daily meal.
  • Liver stocks the blood and this should be kept very healthy. If you can keep Liver healthy, 80% problems are solved in females.
  • Reduce Alcohol, Quit Drugs and Smoking
  • Walk for 15-20 minutes, Exercise specifically to keep Thyroid, Diabetes and Muscular joints healthy.
  • Obesity occurs with fast food, frozen foods, Excessive Sugar and saturated fats.
  • Do not over stress as it impacts hormones severely. Stay in positive frame of mind. Life is as amazing as you think.
  • Use only chemical free (Sulphate free, Parabens free) hair care products or natural products
  • Using hair dyed, colours, smoothening, straightening, Rebonding treatments, excessive use of dryers and Irons, Gels, Wax, Spray use, damage the natural bond of hair fibres, remove natural moisture and hydration, makes scalp itchy.
  • Do proper scalp massage with acupressure points on head meridians, at least two times in a week with Pure Ayurvedic hair oil, leave it for overnight so that it is fully absorbed in Scalp. It regulates blood flow in the head, thereby stimulating hair growth.
  • Keep scalp always clean and clear. Reduce hard water usage, save from dust and pollution.
  • Over medications should be avoided. Excessive use of contraceptives, medicines to reduce weight, general OTC for general pains. Try to heal yourself naturally with acupressure point therapy, and breathing exercises.
  • Special formulated products including plant stem cells, desired Amino acids, Natural Proteins and Vitamin extracts from Fruits, Vegetables, healing properties of essential oils of Flower extracts.
  • Poor diet blocks energy flow and thus stagnation of blood flow. Try to eat freshly cooked food only (avoid deep freezer foods).
  • There are yoga asanas specially for these as provided in Lifestyle advise by Regena Roots experts.

To address this important concern. We at Regena Roots, can provide successful solution for reversing the condition and promoting hair regrowth with natural treatments.

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