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Losing Hair from the Front of Your Head? Here is How to Treat It!

Hair loss on the front of your head can be a struggle to deal with. Hair is an attractive characteristic of a human. Seeing a receding hairline due to hair loss from the front of your head can affect your self-esteem and confidence. If you are starting to see a major loss of hair from the front of your head, it is time to take some action. And here is how you do it!

Understanding Hair Loss at Front of Head

Hair loss has turned out to be a common issue among most people nowadays. However, a receding frontline can be more upsetting to many with unappealing looks. While you may be able to hide it to an extent through different hairstyles, the concern may remain and build up over time.

Losing some strands of hair is pretty normal. Losing massive amounts of hair from the scalp while brushing or washing it can be a sign of hair thinning. Hair thinning is losing hair from your scalp or other parts of the body. It is also known as alopecia. Hair thinning can also happen to the front of your head known as temple. This is where your hairline starts.

A receding hairline can be a sign of hair thinning. Front head hair loss occurs differently in both men and women. While men might If you have been facing this condition and are worried about losing your hair from visible spots, we have gathered helpful information on how to treat it. Keep reading to find out!

Front Head Hair Loss in Women: Hair Thinning

While hair loss problems happen in most women, losing hair to baldness is an unusual situation. In most cases of hair loss, new strands grow back in soon enough after you have lost them. But when you face front head hair loss, the condition does not allow new hair strands to grow out, causing female pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia.

Baldness mostly occurs in men, while women deal with hair thinning. In women, the signs of hair loss from the front of the head start from a feeling of the strands not being thick enough. The hairline even though does not recede in women, the scalp starts to be more visible. Hair thinning and pattern baldness in women increases over time and most women lose hair from their scalp with the process of aging.

What Causes Front Head Hair Loss in Women?

Hair thinning can be triggered due to multiple factors in women. Age is necessarily the most common and unproblematic among them. Other reasons may include any sorts of medications you may take that cause losing hair from the front or any other part of your head.

Front head hair loss can also be a cause of any hereditary issues. Genetics plays an important role in deciding your hair type and health. If you have inherited any hereditary condition involving the loss of hair strands from the front of your hair, you may start seeing the effects showing up in your late 40s or 50s. However, hormonal shifts due to menopause could also trigger this condition among many women.

Other reasons that could cause front head hair loss may involve conditions like eczema, psoriasis, or frontal fibrosing alopecia which can cause scarring and even permanent hair loss at the front of the scalp just above the forehead.

Front Head Hair Loss in Men: Male Pattern Baldness

Losing hair from the front of the head is an increasing concern in men. Compared to women, hair loss at the front of the head is gradually more visible and persistent among men.

Hair thinning in men can cause pattern baldness which is more visible to the eyes. In men, losing hair from the front of the head is referred to as androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness.

In male-pattern baldness, hair follicles shrink after a weak head hair growth cycle. This causes the newly born hair strands to be thin and weak. This process keeps continuing until these weak hair follicles start to fall off with no new hair growth to replace the lost ones.

What Causes Front Head Hair Loss in Men?

Most men with a receding hairline and front head hair loss might be facing the condition of androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. About 95% of men who tend to experience hair loss at the front of their head are caused by this specific condition.

Male pattern baldness is a result of genetic sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone or DTH which is a by-product of testosterone. Hair follicles that are sensitive to DTH start shrinking and thinning causing the scalp to get more visible and eventually these weak hair follicles fall off of the head with no new hair strands growing out to replace them exposing the scalp.

Male pattern baldness typically follows a pattern as the name suggests. You may end up losing hair from the start of your scalp just above the forehead, this is known as a receding hairline condition. The other pattern involves losing hair from the top of the scalp. This causes hair to be present on the sides of your head but not in the center.

Other causes for male pattern baldness can include thyroid, cancer, medications, natural disorders, high level of sex hormones called androgens.

Hair Loss on Left Front of Head

Hair loss can occur in different methods. This involves losing it on just one part of your head. Losing hair from a specific spot on your scalp can be quite hard to cover and hide. But do not worry, here is why it happens and what you can do about it!

Having low hair density or loss of hair from the left or right of your head can be a result of causes including hairstyling, sleeping position, non-uniform distribution, etc. Let's look into a few common reasons.

  • Too much hairstyling
  • Hairstyling can be pleasing to the eye and can help you maintain your hair. But if you are starting to notice a loss of hair from one side of your head, then maybe intense hairstyling can be a reason. Styling your hair more than needed is a common cause of less density of hair in many women. Pulling your hair to form your favorite hairstyle might stand in the way of getting your hair a healthy volume.

  • Sleeping position
  • Sleeping position is important in determining your hair volume. If you have a habit of sleeping on one side, then the hair that faces the bed is getting suppressed causing low blood flow to this area resulting in less hair growth.

  • Genetic reasons
  • Hereditary reasons can also cause your head to lose hair from a particular side. You might not start experiencing this early in your life however, with aging, these genetic traits may start to show up, exposing one side of your hair.

Frontal Hairline Hair Loss: Receding Hairline Causes

Receding hairline is also a common form of hair loss in both men and women. While frontal hairline receding happens at later stages of life in women, men can experience a receding hairline even in their 30s.

Receding hairline is a condition known as frontal fibrosing alopecia. This condition causes your hair to be thin and weak starting at the temples. Eventually, over time, these weak hair follicles fall off and are never replaced causing baldness. Frontal fibrosing alopecia does not cause full baldness although leaves the front patch of head hairless with hair strands remaining on the sides and back of the scalp.

The two common causes of frontal hairline loss are hereditary reasons and hormonal changes.

If anyone in your family has a history of receding hairline, you may also end up acquiring it. Hereditary causes are mostly naturally untreatable considering one is born with the genetics that causes receding frontal hairline. While hormonal changes are more common and can occur mostly in men after puberty. In women, hormonal changes occur as a result of menopause or any other conditions.

Front Head Hair Loss Treatments

Almost all hair problems have a treatment in hair history, including front head hair loss. Considering your cause of front head hair loss and its intensity, you can choose to opt for either natural remedies or an actual treatment from a doctor.

If you are only starting to face troubles regarding hair thinning, then you can choose harmless and healthy natural remedies that may stop and prevent frontal head hair loss. However, if you are more worried about facing baldness and think natural remedies are not an option anymore, it is better to consider a doctor and discuss your options. One most common method adopted in treating a receding hairline is a hair transplant where your weak hair or bald patches are replaced with healthy and growing hair patches. Hair transplant treatment is offered by almost all doctors. It is a safe alternative to treating hair loss without any long-term commitment to medications.

But if you are unsure about what method to choose for yourself, can check out these most used methods in treating front head hair loss to choose the one that suits you the most.

Treatments for Front Head Hair Loss in Women

Hair thinning occurs differently in both men and women. In women, front head hair loss is treated through a medication called Minoxidil. It slows or stops the process of losing hair from the scalp by treating the thinning and weakening of hair follicles.

This treatment even though effective, might stop working on you once you stop taking the medication. Make sure to take the medication accordingly through your doctor’s advice to see proper and long-term effects.

Other methods to choose include a balanced diet or home remedies that prevent and help in hair growth.

Treatments for Front Head Hair Loss in Men

Men get to experience visible front head hair loss at high intensity at a young age. Most men facing male pattern baldness prefer getting a hair transplant treatment which will leave them with a new and fresh pair of healthy hair on the bald spots.

But you can consider other options like medication or laser treatment if you do not prefer any hair transplant. Medications that help with hair thinning and hair loss include Minoxidil and Finasteride, a pill you take daily to treat front head hair loss.

You can also adopt laser treatments that help in reducing inflammation in hair follicles helping them to regrow or even try natural home remedies preferred by most people.

5 Natural Home Remedies to Help with Front Head Hair Loss for Men and Women

Natural remedies are a harmless way to treat front head hair loss problems. Here are 5 natural remedies you can use to treat your receding hairline.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Aloe Vera is a great ingredient that has been used for treating hair loss for a long time. It helps in soothing the scalp and also keeps your hair conditioned. You can apply aloe vera gel to your scalp and hair a few times a week or use hair products containing aloe vera properties in it.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Coconut oil is a well know and most used natural remedy for anything hair-related. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair while increasing hair growth by providing the needed nutrients. It contains fatty acids that contribute towards protein production in hair which is necessary for hair growth.

    Apply coconut oil to your hair and scalp and massage it nice and gently for needed time regularly to see good results.

  • Fish Oil
  • Fish oil supplements are good at providing hair growth. They contain omega fatty acids which help in strengthening hair follicles using the proteins and nutrients present inside. Omega supplements when combined with antioxidants improve the density and strength of hair treating hair thinning and hair loss.

  • Onion Oil
  • Onion oil promotes hair growth and has proven to treat alopecia in people. It also increases circulation to help the hair follicles grow fast. Blend a few onions and apply the juice to your hair and leave it on for 15 min and proceed to wash it with shampoo to see results.

  • Lemon
  • Lemon is a natural ingredient with properties that enhance hair growth. You can use both lemon juice and oil to help your hair grow faster. Lemon oil helps improve your scalp condition promoting hair growth. Apply freshly squeezed lemon juice to your scalp and hair 15 minutes before you shampoo


Front head hair loss is one of the most concerning and problematic worries in many. Finding a receding hairline with no new permanent hair can cause self-confidence-related problems and panic in many but especially men. While men mostly face the visible and bald form of front hair loss, women experience these as hair thinning and later hair loss . No matter how extreme your hair loss is, you can always choose your form of treatment to regain the lost hair. While some prefer actual treatments to replace the hair, many opt for natural remedies or changes in lifestyle including abandoning smoking and trying a balanced diet.

Nonetheless, with the right steps towards treatment and prevention, all concerns ranging from hair thinning, hair loss, and hair loss from the front of your head can be treated effortlessly. Try the best option that fits you or play around with natural remedies we have mentioned to get nice and healthy hair back. Goodbye bald spots!

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