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Is there an alternative to hair transplant?
Is it successful?

Hair Transplant is one of the most common solutions that people have heard of, to combat their hair loss. Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are removed from one part of your head or body called the 'donor site', and planted into the balding area called the 'recipient site'.

Nowadays, people are looking at alternatives to this scarring technique of transplant, and finding natural remedies to prevent or reverse hair loss. Home remedies are mostly unable to grow back the lost hair, which is where Regena Roots steps in with its Natural Anti-hair loss treatments.

Should I go for Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant has undoubtedly been the go-to solution for a lot of people over the years to counter their hair loss. This method does help in covering the areas where the hair has been lost, but there is never a certainty that the transplanted hair will remain for a long time. We often see celebrities going for Hair Transplant to hide their hair loss but let us admit it, everyone can make out that they have gone for a transplant.

What most people will advise if you are young and facing hair loss, is that you should not go for a hair transplant, because over time, further hair loss will happen and then the transplant won’t be enough.

Searching for alternative methods of fixing your hair loss?

Lately, you may have started to explore alternatives to Hair Transplants, mainly because you do not want any medical procedures, scars, cuts, or invasive surgeries. You must have resorted to trying various home remedies when recommended by friends or online articles. But, do they have any positive results? Do the hair roots grow? Probably not. This is because countering hair loss is usually not possible by only fixing a single thing such as your shampoo. Hair loss can be prevented and reversed only when we understand the intrinsic reasons for your hair loss, which can be due to many factors such as improper nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle habits, unclean scalp, smoking or steroids, or any medical condition.

So, you might be wondering what to do in such a case; How to know what the cause of your hair loss is and how to fix it. Despair not! When everything fails, Regena Root offers the best natural hair regrowth treatment - a cure for all your hair loss worries.

Regena Roots offers a Safe Alternative to Hair Transplants

The natural hair loss treatments by Regena Roots assure 100% positive results within weeks, and ensures healthy growing hair along with a healthy scalp. Regena Roots provides these hair treatments through its non-invasive and non-medicinal products, which means that you will neither have to go under the knife nor get any painful medical procedures. Along with the products, our hair experts will understand the root cause(s) of your hair loss, and give you natural solutions to address those issues. This is why Regena Roots is the proven, safest alternative to hair transplant.

The Regena Roots range of products include Toning Anti-Hair Loss Lotion, Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, Natural Protein based Hair Serums, and ayurvedic essential oils. Regena Roots products are loaded with the benefits of:

1. Vitamins A, E, F and Vitamin H (Biotin) which hydrate, strengthen and repair the hair cuticle & root, and stimulate proper blood circulation in the scalp.

2. Placenta Protein and Coconut Oil Derivatives nourish the hair, help healthy growth and provide shine.

3. Biologically active proteins derived from milk stimulate the follicle and help in protein synthesis.

4. DL-ethylpantitenol, an essential element of coenzyme A, which improves damaged hair, increases hydration and protects hair from environmental factors like sunlight, pollution etc.

5. Inositol, which prevents capillary damage and increases blood flow.

6. Sulfur amino acids, which regulate sebaceous secretion on the scalp.

If young people below the age of 40 make these positive changes to their diet and lifestyle along with their hair care routine, as advised by Regena Roots, then they can witness their natural hair growth become faster and fill up their head again!

Live Hair... Naturally!

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