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Regena Roots is a unique brand that pioneers in bringing a world class Hair treatment line for regrowing your gorgeous hair, the natural way. Our extraordinary product line successfully targets all kinds of hair loss problems, including, but not limited to, finding hair fall solutions, regrowth of thinning hair for men and women, hair loss prevention, hair greying solutions, and much more. It includes a highly specialized product range from Spain & Italy with a complex blend that gets to the very root of your hair troubles.

Our hair treatments are further enhanced by our coveted Ayurvedic hair oil blend that has been formulated with naturally curated herbs to boost your hair health. With Regena Roots, Be assured that our customised hair treatment plans will get you much closer to your dream hair. Come, visit Regena Roots and fall in love with your hair again.


Our meticulously tested Hair Regrowth Treatments bring you one step closer to your desired crowning glory. The Non-Invasive Hair Solution works round the clock to naturally boost hair density and revive your hairline.

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Our Mission

Regena Roots is dedicated to eradicate complete hair loss issues in people within age group of 22-65 year old. We are committed to provide a completely Non-Surgical, Non Medicinal treatment for Natural hair regrowth.

Our Vision

A World without Hair Loss problems is our vision.We want to be the best hair loss treatment providers to anyone of any age suffering from hair loss.Regena Roots will soon be the most preferred brand for Hair.








Become a hair advisor and therapist

A specific in-house designed, 300 hours, Hair Advisor & Hair Practitioner course. The course will cover complete understanding of Scalp and Hair Science. All Scalp and Hair problems and solutions.

Course fees -30000

Also, available Online course for 8 weeks.Last One week training is just at center

Online Course fees -24000

100% job placement

Regena Roots provides 100% job placement for all enrolled candidates at 18000 per month minimum.

Candidate can earn atleast 12000 every month after completing this course by signing agreement with the company.

Best Hair Treatment in Delhi, India.

According to researches, there is an immediate need of Natural Hair treatment in Delhi as more than 80% of men and women from all age group are facing hair related issues. The issue is getting more and more alarming due to increased level of pollution and indiscipline in daily routine. Hair related problems like hair fall, hair loss, Baldness, Alopecia are being faced by everyone equally now a days irrespective of gender. There are desperate search for Best Hair clinic which can offer Natural Hair treatment in Delhi without any side effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. In Delhi NCR, Various modalities of hair treatments is practiced by hair clinics. People from neighboring states also come in search of Hair clinics hoping to find Best hair treatment. Among the Natural Hair treatments clinics in India, specially Delhi and NCR, we are on number one in the list of top 10 Hair clinics. Our strength is the Best quality and affordability along with zero side effects of our Natural Hair treatment for Men and Women. Our USP is listed below: Unlimited Permanent Natural Hair
Only external application of Natural Products
Value for money Hair treatment in Delhi
Holistic approach
All Plants and Herbs Based Products
Ans. Experts at Regena Roots keep trying to educate and advise men and women of all group to first prevent Hair fall. But if someone is already facing any of Hair Fall, Hair Loss, Baldness, Alopecia, Hair Damage, Premature Graying or Dandruff issue, they advise to start the Hair care regime at the early stage itself. Regena Roots experts have developed a very simple yet effective everyday and weekly regime which is easy to follow, so that before the Hair concern aggravates and leads to the complete loss of Hair and irreversible baldness, it gets cured. The main reasons for Male or Female pattern Hair loss may range from family genetics to hormonal imbalance to various external conditions, as environment, work stress, pregnancy, unhealthy life style or any disease but catching up the Hair loss at early stage and starting Regena Roots treatment always enhances the chances of reaching to the solution of all kind of Hair worries.
Ans. Regena Roots having it's corporate office in South Delhi, is the only Hair clinic in India which offers Best Natural Hair treatment in India. Ayurveda, has always emphasized to use Amla and Shikakai for hair cleansing and conditioning is advised to be done by massaging the scalp thrice or at least twice a week with butter or plant based oil preferably infused with some exclusive herbs. It's equally important to maintain a good bowel movement to prevent hair related issues. Based on above outlines and going further our R&D team has developed a miraculous Hair treatment which is fusion of best of Ayurveda and European research. The Ayurveda has mentioned more than 50 rare and common herbs that can be used to provide the safest and natural solution to all kind of Hair worries.
The primary and foremost objective of our Natural hair treatment by Regena Roots which is now available at various locations in Delhi - NCR is to reverse and cure, any kind of ill effects on scalp and hair by simple, permanent, cost effective and no side effects solutions. Magic is Here, Live Hair!!

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